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Moderator Application Form + Rules

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Moderator Application Form + Rules

Post by Francis on 5/10/2016, 21:17


01.) You should be a regular server's player.
02.) You should have a good reputation, and have the reputation at all. (Not as spawnkiller/tele-camper, abuser, cheater etc.)
03.) You should be an altruistic and helpful person.
04.) You should know a common English.
05.) You should have a age with 16 years or older.
06.) Don't ask the mods/admins for see your application.
07.) At least 48h (2 days) of playtime.

- If you get rejected then try in 4 weeks again.
- Start to applying as Mod1 before Mod2.


01.) Your USGN:

02.) Your playtime on the server:

03.) Your nickname (Used on the server):

04.) Why you're want to be MOD and some words about yourself:

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