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!MineCraft! Update [Dec 18, 2017]

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PostFrancis on 18/12/2017, 02:33

Hey everyone,

Here is the first and last (for now) big update for the !MineCraft! server. of course there will be small updates and bug fixes. I just wanna say, thank to everyone, who plays on the !MineCraft! server, thank to every moderator for moderating the server, thank to administrators for administrating the community, and atleast thank to Yunus for help me alot with the !MineCraft! server. I know, the server doesn't have much moderators, let's hope, it will change in the next year. but first it's christmas, I hope, we are all with our family together, I hope, we stay healthy and have some luck in our life for the next year. Here i say in advance, merry, merry christmas!

For Moderators:

New support features.
Menu "Support Requests".  You can see the current support requests by players, which are not solved. (F3 > Support > Support Requests)
Command "!bring <id>"  Teleport a player to you.
Command "!goto <id>"  Teleport you to a player.
Command "!return <id>"  Returns a player to his original position after bringing him.
Command "!solve <id>"  If you are done with supporting the player who requested for it, you can also solve his support with this command.
If you are in support, then you have in your name a "[Support]" tag and if you are not anymore in support, the tag will disappear.
every support command will only work if you you are currently in support.
Rule "Do NOT use the support function if there are no support requests."
"Unnecessary support call" is now in punish reasons.
JMod tag has been re-named to "J-Mod".
SMod tag has been re-named to "S-Mod".
The support function is now available for J-Mod and higher.

For VIPs:

 Sometimes players has automatically a hat without being V.I.P..
New hat system with categories and more.
178+ hats.

For Everyone:

 Players with teamprotection online, can't hurt/kill himself.
Command "!support <reason>" A command for everyone, which you can call the support if you need them.
A public message, when punishing players. (Example: Player kicked Player 2)
MVP system with 15 kills.
Msg "Player called a vote to Map" to center of display.
For what is support? When i can call them? is there any rules? everything about support function in serverinfo.
4 "new" !MineCraft! maps.
Map "mc_HappyWorld" has been added to the mapvote menu.
Map "Mc_Multimaps Beta v0.0.1" has been added to the mapvote menu.
Map "Minecraft_greenland_v.1.1" has been added to the mapvote menu.
Map "mc_water_and_mountains" has been added to the mapvote menu.
Rule "Do NOT block the way to the items/shops. If there are 2 ways or more, at least 1 way must be free." is now in serverinfo.
Damage of M134 has been changed from 13 to 16
Hudtxt of "To vote Yes/No press F4" to a rainbow hudtxt.
Defuse Kit is now blocked and can't be taken anymore.
Damage of turret has been changed from 5 to 8
Team chat has now a own tag. ([Team] <Player Name>: <message>)
Colours of vote kick message.

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